Hot Peppers (50,000 - 249,999 SHU)
      Hot peppers are a staple ingredient in many cuisines around the world, adding flavor, heat, and depth to dishes with their unique spice level and flavor profiles. From the fruity and citrusy habanero pepper to the fiery and smoky ghost pepper, hot peppers come in a wide range of varieties, each with its own unique taste and heat level.

      While some may shy away from the intense heat of hot peppers, they're actually a great source of nutrition, packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that can help boost the immune system and promote overall health. In fact, many cultures have long believed in the healing powers of hot peppers, using them in traditional medicine to treat a range of ailments.

      In this guide, we'll explore the different types of hot peppers, their history and cultural significance, as well as some delicious recipes and cooking tips. Whether you're a heat-seeker looking to push your taste buds to the limit or just curious about the world of hot peppers, there's something here for everyone. So let's dive into the exciting and spicy world of hot peppers!

  Aji Charapita Peach
  Brazil 200K SHU  

  Black Biquinho
  Brazil 200K SHU  

  Cuba 200K SHU  

  Pimenta Sparanise
  Italy 200K SHU  

  Pink Tiger
  Italy 200K SHU  

  Jamaican Yellow Mushroom
  Jamaica 200K SHU  

  Chiltepin Amarillo
  Mexico 200K SHU  

  African Bird's Eye
  Mozambique 180K SHU  

  African Pequin/Birds Eye
  Mozambique 180K SHU  

  Giant Peach Habanero
  Brazil 150K SHU  

  Sugar Rush Peach
  Peru 150K SHU  

  Sugar Rush Red
  Peru 150K SHU  

  Red Savina Habanero
  USA (CA) 577K SHU  

  KS Starrscream Red
  USA (TX) 150K SHU  

  Hinkelhatz Red
  USA (PA) 125K SHU  

  Thor's Hammer Peach
  Denmark 120K SHU  

  Thor's Hammer Red
  Denmark 120K SHU  

  Murupi Amarela
  Brazil 100K SHU  

  Brazil 100K SHU  

  Galapagos Isabela Hab.
  Galapagos Islands 100K SHU  

  Coyote Teeth
  Italy 100K SHU  

  Peach Blue Ghost
  Italy 100K SHU  

  Thai Hot
  Mexico 100K SHU  

  Thai, White
  Mexico 100K SHU  

  Aji Charapita
  Peru 100K SHU  

  Peru 100K SHU  

  Scarlet Lantern
  Peru 100K SHU  

  Sugar Rush Amarillo
  Peru 100K SHU  

  Black Thai TQ
  Thailand* 100K SHU  

  Turkish Flower Biber
  Turkey 100K SHU  

  KS White Thai
  USA (TX) 100K SHU  

  Ring of Fire
  French Guiana (Cayenne) 80K SHU  

  Turks Cap
  Turkey* 80K SHU  

  Hallow's Eve
  USA (CA) 80K SHU  

  Purple Haze
  Mexico 75K SHU  

  Orange Thai
  Mexico 75K SHU  

  KS Pumpkin OTR
  USA (TX) 75K SHU  

  Tricolor Variegata
  Mexico 70K SHU  

  Dream Catcher (F5)
  USA 70K SHU  

  Aji Charapita Red
  Brazil 65K SHU  

  Orange Cayenne
  French Guiana (Cayenne) 50K SHU  

  Yellow Cayenne
  French Guiana (Cayenne) 50K SHU  

  Mexico 50K SHU  

  Aji Amarillo
  Peru 50K SHU  

  Rocoto Marlene
  Peru 50K SHU  

  Aji Orange Drop
  Peru 50K SHU  

  Aji Strawberry Drop
  Peru 50K SHU  

  White UFO
  Unknown 50K SHU  

  Buena Mulata
  USA 50K SHU  

  Sugar Rush Stripey
  USA 50K SHU  

  Caribbean Charapita
  USA (CA) 50K SHU  

  SBS Purple Ornamental
  USA (FL) 50K SHU  

  Maui Purple
  USA (HI) 50K SHU  

  Ghostly Jalapeņo
  USA (OH) 50K SHU  

  Lemon Ghostly Jalapeņo
  USA (OH) 50K SHU  

  Hinkelhatz Yellow
  USA (PA) 50K SHU  

  KS Pumpkin Habanero
  USA (TX) 50K SHU