Medium-Heat Peppers (5,000 - 49,999 SHU)
      While some prefer the intense heat of hot peppers, others may prefer a milder spice level that still adds a kick of flavor to their dishes. This is where medium peppers come in - just the right amount of heat to add some excitement without overwhelming your taste buds.

      Medium peppers come in a wide range of varieties, from the fruity and tangy Anaheim pepper to the smoky and spicy chipotle pepper. They're a great source of nutrition, packed with vitamins and antioxidants that can help boost the immune system and promote overall health. They're also a popular ingredient in many cuisines around the world, adding depth and complexity to dishes with their unique flavor profiles.

      In this guide, we'll explore the different types of medium peppers, their history and cultural significance, as well as some delicious recipes and cooking tips. Whether you're a seasoned pepper enthusiast or a curious beginner, there's something here for everyone. So let's dive into the world of medium peppers and discover the perfect level of heat for your taste buds!

  French Guiana (Cayenne) 40K SHU  

  Dragon Cayenne
  French Guiana (Cayenne) 40K SHU  

  Purple UFO
  Unknown 40K SHU  

  Chupetinho White
  Brazil 35K SHU  

  Thay Pumpkin Yellow
  Unknown 35K SHU  

  Hatch Lumbre
  USA (NM) 35K SHU  

  Bishops Crown
  Brazil 30K SHU  

  Brazilian Starfish
  Brazil 30K SHU  

  Bulgarian Carrot
  Bulgaria 30K SHU  

  Caribbean 30K SHU  

  Aji Crystal
  Chile (Curico) 30K SHU  

  Guatemala 30K SHU  

  Hungary 30K SHU  

  Naga Smooky Rainbow
  Italy 30K SHU  

  Chile De Arbol
  Mexico 30K SHU  

  Chile De Arbol Orange
  Mexico 30K SHU  

  Mexico 30K SHU  

  Aji Lemon Drop
  Peru 30K SHU  

  Count Dracula
  Unknown 30K SHU  

  Black Pearl
  USA 30K SHU  

  Purple Flash
  USA 30K SHU  

  Mexico 25K SHU  

  Aji Mango
  Peru 25K SHU  

  Yellow Peter
  USA (LA) 23K SHU  

  Orange Peter
  USA (LA) 23K SHU  

  Red Peter
  USA (LA) 23K SHU  

  Pumpkin Spice Jalapeņo
  USA (NM) 23K SHU  

  Thunder Mtn. Longhorn
  China 20K SHU  

  Mexico 20K SHU  

  Aji Pineapple
  Peru 20K SHU  

  USA (AZ) 20K SHU  

  Santo Domingo Pueblo
  USA (NM) 16K SHU  

  Bangladesh 15K SHU  

  Fidalga Peach
  Brazil 15K SHU  

  Fidalgo Roxa
  Brazil 15K SHU  

  Fidalga Amarillo
  Brazil 15K SHU  

  Dedo de Moįa
  Brazil 15K SHU  

  Dedo de Moįa Yellow
  Brazil 15K SHU  

  Hungarian Hot Wax
  Hungary 15K SHU  

  Billy Biker Jalapeno
  Mexico 15K SHU  

  San Felipe
  USA (NM) 15K SHU  

  Scarlett's Chili
  Australia 10K SHU  

  Brazilian Starfish Orange
  Brazil 10K SHU  

  Brazilian Starfish Yellow
  Brazil 10K SHU  

  HJ3 Solar Flare
  China 10K SHU  

  HJ3 Yellow Solar Flare
  China 10K SHU  

  HJ10 After Glow
  China 10K SHU  

  Aji Fantasy
  Finland 10K SHU  

  Aji Fantasy Sparkly White
  Finland 10K SHU  

  Syria (Aleppo) 10K SHU  

  Fresno Chile
  USA (CA) 10K SHU  

  Purple Tiger
  USA 9,000 SHU  

  Jes's Purple Orange Jal.
  Denmark 8,000 SHU  

  Tiger Jalapeno
  Italy 8,000 SHU  

  Jalapeņo Gigantia
  Mexico 8,000 SHU  

  Primo Jalapeņo
  Mexico 8,000 SHU  

  Mexico 8,000 SHU  

  Purple Jalapeno
  Mexico 8,000 SHU  

  USA 8,000 SHU  

  Mattapeņo x Mutant
  USA 8,000 SHU  

  Numex Sandia NM Hatch
  USA (NM) 7,000 SHU  

  HJ2 Meteor
  China 5,000 SHU  

  HJ4 Comet's Tail
  China 5,000 SHU  

  HJ7 Super Nova
  China 5,000 SHU  

  Aji Dulce #1
  Cuba 5,000 SHU  

  Wild Galapagos
  Galapagos Islands 5,000 SHU  

  Guatemalan Jalapeno
  Guatemala 5,000 SHU  

  Hawaiian Sweet
  Hawaii 5,000 SHU  

  Mexico 5,000 SHU  

  Chilhuacle Amarillo
  Mexico (Oaxaca) 5,000 SHU  

  Big Thai Hybrid
  Thailand 5,000 SHU  

  Lemon Spice Jalapeņo
  USA (NM) 5,000 SHU  

  Orange Spice Jalapeņo
  USA (NM) 5,000 SHU  

  Santa Fe Grande
  USA (NM) 5,000 SHU