Mild Peppers (1 - 4,999 SHU)
      Walk on the mild side with us. While hot peppers are often the focus of our attention, there's a whole world of mild peppers that are just as flavorful and versatile in the kitchen. Mild peppers come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and are perfect for those who want to enjoy the taste of peppers without the intense heat.

      Mild peppers are a great source of nutrition, packed with vitamins and antioxidants that can help boost the immune system and promote overall health. They're also a staple ingredient in many cuisines around the world, adding a subtle, sweet flavor to dishes without overwhelming the palate.

      Here, we'll explore the different types of mild peppers, their history and cultural significance, as well as some delicious recipes and cooking tips. Whether you're looking to spice up your favorite dishes or discover new flavors, there's something here for everyone. So let's explore the world of mild peppers and discover the unique flavors and textures they have to offer!

  HJ1 Corona
  China 3,000 SHU  

  White Biquinho
  Brazil 2,500 SHU  

  Mexico 2,500 SHU  

  Spain 2,500 SHU  

  USA (CA) 2,500 SHU  

  Anaheim (Joe E Parker)
  USA (CA) 2,500 SHU  

  NuMex Big Jim
  USA (NM) 2,500 SHU  

  Biquinho (Red)
  Brazil 2,000 SHU  

  El Oro de Ecuador
  Ecuador 2,000 SHU  

  India 2,000 SHU  

  Chilhuacle Negro
  Mexico (Oaxaca) 2,000 SHU  

  Chilhuacle Rojo
  Mexico (Oaxaca) 2,000 SHU  

  Mexico (Puebla) 2,000 SHU  

  Numex Heritage 6-4 Hatch
  USA (NM) 1,500 SHU  

  TAM Jalapeno
  USA (TX) 1,500 SHU  

  Cream Biquinho
  Brazil 1,000 SHU  

  Pink Biquinho
  Brazil 1,000 SHU  

  Red Biquinho
  Brazil 1,000 SHU  

  Yellow Biquinho
  Brazil 1,000 SHU  

  HJ8 Total Eclipse
  China 1,000 SHU  

  Jalapeņo Chernobyl
  Italy 1,000 SHU  

  Big Red Jalapeņo
  Mexico 1,000 SHU  

  Republic of Georgia 1,000 SHU  

  Sugar Rush Cream
  UK (Wales) 1,000 SHU  

  NuMex Yellow Jalapeņo
  USA (NM) 1,000 SHU  

  KS Lingria
  USA (TX) 1,000 SHU  

  Venezuelan Tiger
  Venezuela 1,000 SHU  

  NM Suave Orange Hab
  USA (NM) 850 SHU  

  HJ5 Helix Nebula
  China 500 SHU  

  HJ6 Pulsar
  China 500 SHU  

  HJ9 Big Bang
  China 500 SHU  

  Red Marconi
  Italy 500 SHU  

  Orange Pepperoncini
  Italy 500 SHU  

  Corno Di Toro
  Italy 500 SHU  

  Corno Di Toro Orange
  Italy 500 SHU  

  Corno Di Toro Yellow
  Italy 500 SHU  

  Sweet Banana
  South America 500 SHU  

  Trinidad Perfume
  Trinidad & Tobago 500 SHU  

  Tangerine Dream
  USA 100 SHU  

  Aji Jobito
  Venezuela 500 SHU  

  Japan 200 SHU  

  Zavory Sweet Habanero
  USA 100 SHU